Monday, September 22, 2008

"NEWS FLASH : tomorrow dad scheduled to be released

Hey everyone! Some good news today - our Dad is scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow! It came as a surprise to all of us, to say the least.....after our parents get to the motel they will have to stay in the area for approx. 4-5 days just to make sure everything is fine. We were able to talk to our dad twice today for the first time in about a weak! It sure was great to hear his voice - he sounded tired, but said today was a better day for him.

We got more details from the doctor........... out of the 27 lymph nodes they took out, 3 were found with the cancer cells. Of all the pancreatic cancers, this one is the "best"....if you can call any cancer ''the best" ! :) It is a very rare but slow growing fact, the doctor said the tumor has been growing for approx. two years! Imagine that! Also, an interesting thing my mom told us............the surgery incision was a FOOT LONG! Gracious!

Anyway, that is the news for now........thank you all for your prayers and comments (keep 'em comin' !)


Dorcas said...

Wow!! What a wonderful surprise when I checked back to your blog to see the "News Flash" that your Daddy is being released from the hospital tomorrow!! Praise the Lord!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

Janice Seely said...

This is wonderful, incredible news! I would be a nervous wreck if I was your mom, but I'm sure she can handle it. I know you girls are probably jumping for joy. Praying he'll find just the right doc in NY to suit his needs. Such a minor detail for the great big God we serve! I'm so grateful for all the answers to prayer already. Yes, God is good!

bekah said...

PRAISE GOD!! We're all siked beyond words. How great is our God! You're all in our thoughts and prayers daily. Everytime Michaela prays she says a prayer for 'Doug'. It's cute. Take care girls. love ya all.

Adela Campbell said...

What a wonderful surprise! Thankful that all has gone well so far.
He'll be home before you know it.

Roger and Tina Fox said...

That is wonderful news! Praise the Lord for His great power to hear and answer our prayers. We are so happy for you. We will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers and trust that all will go well and Dad will be able to come home to NY soon.