Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're back! We were gone for the weekend with our aunt and uncle (and cousins) camping in the Adirondack Mountains. We had a wonderful time! The campsite was by the lake - it was a gorgeous spot!

As for our dad - we haven't talked to our mom yet today, but I heard from our grandpa that today was better for him than previous ones. Friday when we talked to Mom she said it was the worst day he had had. ( The 3rd/4th days after major surgeries are usually the worst.) He was in so much pain he could hardly stand it. Yesterday was a bit better though - thank the Lord! We're going to talk to Mom tonight and will know then how today went. Grandpa Canfield actually got to talk to Daddy today ( I think Daddy tried to call here but we weren't back yet....). When we do actually get to talk to Daddy I think I'm going to cry and cry! It's been soooo long!

Thank you to all who have sent cards, e-mails and flowers! The support means a lot!

I do have to tell you something funny though before I go..... As some of you know, last week prior the the camping trip we stayed here at the house by ourselves. No problem, right? Well, not quite. We were doing quite nicely until Wednesday night when a little incident happened that spooked us nearly to death. Now if we were 100% level headed people we would have had no problem, but as is the case we're about 85% imagination and 15% common sense. (Well, at least that night!)

The deal was this - for two nights in a row when we came home we found our bedroom light on when we knew it was off when we left the house. The first night it didn't bother us, but when it happened again, we completely freaked out! We were to scared to go to bed (or sleep for that matter) so we decided to stay up all night and keep watch! Yep - and we did it too.... We made it from about 10:30 when we got home until 4 o'clock in the morning. After that we couldn't keep our eyes open and conked out on the hard living room floor. We slept for about 4 hrs then had to get up to pack for camping...... When we told our mom about it the next day (she is usually unsympathetic to such causes!) she was quiet for forever and then said we wouldn't want to know what she was thinking! Imagine that! Her poor children were up practically all the night and she didn't feel sorry for us one bit because "our imaginations were running away with us!" We never did figure out why the lights were on....... Oh,well! :)

Hopefully more later....


Janice Seely said...

I am glad you girls got to take a little time for some R&R, and that you enjoyed your camping trip. Hopefully, now that days 3/4 are past, your dad will start to have better days. My heart goes out to him, and to your mom, and to all of you! Thanks for the update ~ I've been waiting for it! Still praying much. Love you all!

Dorcas said...

So glad that the three of you girls were able to get away from the stress of life and go camping with family!! I'm sure that helped a lot. Happy to hear yesterday was a better day pain wise for your Dad. I hope each new day is better and better!! We love you and are praying for you all.
P.S. Like the story about the light:o)) Mysterious!!

Bonnie said...

So ... what caused the lights to go on ... a timer? Glad you enjoyed your camping weekend.

Your Dad will probably have both good days and bad. It's the way it works, but he WILL imrpove. It takes ever so much TIME though. And it's always good to have pain meds around. :-)

Trust your Mom is doing ok. I'm sure it's very stressful for her as well.

Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!

Anonymous said...

Girls, I am finally feeling able to get to the computer they have here in the family room of the hospital here. Great job. Hope to check back again. Love you bunches and bunches!

Janice Seely said...

Hooray for Doug being able to get to the computer! That's exciting! (I'm going bananas!!!!!)

Dorcas said...

Yes, I have to agree with Janice!! What a nice surprise to read a comment on here from Doug!! Glad you're strong enough to get to the area where the computer is at!!