Thursday, April 20, 2006

One very important concept......

Stay away from flames. Always remember that concept. Let me repeat that very important concept......... Stay away from flames. Don't forget that concept. That is, the concet that says to stay away from flames.

The Empty Seat

The Empty Seat
A tribute to Sis. Harriet Harp
By: Elizabeth Canfield

With feeble hands she grasped the church pew in
front of her and slowly stood. In a voice weathered
by age, she began to pour out her love and devotion
for her heavenly Father.

It was a bright Sunday morning and Sis. Harp was
once again giving praise to her Lord.

For as long as I live, I will never forget the joy and
peace that radiated from her face!

Each Sunday when I'd slip into my seat, I could always count
on Sis. Harp to be sitting right there behind us, smiling only
the way she could do.

Then one day, something changed. Everything was normal
until I went to sit down. There behind me, the seat was empty.
Sis. Harp was no longer there.

Yes, it was true - the dear older saint had become too frail to
get out, and was soon confined to a nursing home.

This continued for several months until one day, we received
the news. She never again would fill her earthly seat, but
instead, her heavenly one.

She left behind a vacant seat, but with it, she left a legacy. A
legacy of deep love and commitment to her Savior.

The empty seat will forever serve as a reminder - Just what
kind of legacy will you leave?

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Night We'll Never Forget......

We've been freinds with our neighbors grandchildren since we were knee high to a grasshopper, so we were thrilled when they came to stay at our neighbors for a few days. They're all around our age, and very musical, so we decided to put on a mini-concert at our house for the other family members. We did a piano duet, our friend Hannah Lamont played harp, and her two brothers and a friend Nathan that they brought along did a bagpipe trio. Anyway, after the concert we got to talking about the Canfield Detective Agency and the times we've been followed, until we had them convinced we lead dangourous lives. Later that evening their mom took the boys to their other grandma's house to take out the trash, while we got our mom to take us spying in the park. We four girls sleuthed around, keeping a sharp look-out on anyone walking through. After a while we noticed two figures hanging on the statue.....A few minutes later we decided to head towards our mom.
Just then two dark figures leaped out from behind a tree and attacked a guy and a girl who were heading toward the statue.... Then I realized that it wasn't a guy and a girl at all, but two guys, with one in a skirt. Quite alarmed, our friend exclained,"We should go to your mom." Unsure of what to do, we paused - thats when they all headed towards us. Things started happening soooo guy yelled,"GET 'EM!" and the chase was on, with us heading towards safety. A tall guy pulled ahead and leaped on our friend, knocking her to the ground. Just as he passed Elizabeth, she realized who it was.......................................................................................
It was Ian, Jacod, Nathan and Mrs. Lamont playing a JOKE on us. A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine, all that fright for a joke! They thought it was hilarious, and quite frankly, so did we!!!!!!!! That was the best practical joke anyone has ever played on us!

Revenge two days later....

As revenge for the practical joke that was played on us, we decided to arrest anyone who was involved. After we got the crooks under control, Elizabeth saw to it that one of the victims, (Hannah Lamont) was calmed down after the unnerving event. (Even though it was a few day's later......) As soon as we put Ian and Jacob Lamont, and Nathan G. in jail, (we let Mrs. Lamont go since she had other things she needed to do,) they asked for a phone to call the Canfield Detective Agency - we wasted no time in telling them they were out of luck and that we were the Canfield Detective Agency! They were charged with at least 15 offences but we haven't set a date for their arraignment in court yet...... Guess that's next on the agenda.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

More of Hobe Sound..........Supper with Cupps

We had a very delicious supper and enjoyable evening with the Cupps. We were captivated with their interesting stories. We share their excitement about their trip to Germany that they will be taking next month.

Sunday Dinner with the Hobbs Clan

Our Sundays in Hobe Sound usually mean Sunday dinner with the Hobbs Clan at one of their homes. This year we had a garden dinner at Dan and Julie Boyer's. It was hard to imagine the winter we left behind that day!!

Elizabeth and Amanda helping with the dishes.

Evangline and Clara Boyer having an interesting conversation.

Clara with Grandpa Hobbs.

Joe Negron for Florida Attorney General

For the past several years during our Florida trip, Sandy and Joe Horton have had us over for supper, along with some of our parents old friends. Usually Joe Negron is in Tallahassee, where he is a FL state Rep., but his family comes. This year Joe, who is running in the Republican Primary for Attorney General in the State of Florida, was able to make it too. (Check out his website You should hear all the laughter as they all reminisce and tell the funniest stories of things in the past. We learned that our dad was not always the angel that he appears to be now!

Emily with Becca Negron. They have been pen pals for awhile now.

Florida Flowers

Early Morning Trampoline Fun...

It has been a tradition that after a sleepover with the Budensiek girls, all five of us would wrap up in our sheets and bounce on their trampoline. And bounce we did - until we all fell over... Whether it was from tripping over each other or from sheer exhaustion, but we all had a blast!

Florida's Lazy Lizard

Monday, April 03, 2006

Island Tea

We girls had a tea party on a beautiful island with our good friends Tiffany and Crystal Budensiek. Our mothers were great servers, and we appreciate all they did to make it possible! We had an absolutely fantastic time! It was also a great place to get pictures - we weren't the only ones getting pictures that day though....... One person went by in a boat and thought we were such an unusual spectical that they had to take a shot!

Visiting our Grandparents at their Florida Home

We had a great time visiting our grandpa and grandma Canfield at their Florida home. (in the photos) It's a tradition for us to go with our Grandpa to a lovely park and spend the morning there. It's a great place to walk, play, and just goof off!

Twins' 15th Birthday

We got to spend our 15th birthday (March 21st)
in Florida this year. Though the 1st half of the
day was spent on the road, (which wasn't our
idea of birthday fun) the rest of the day was great!

Photo: Evangeline (left) and Elizabeth (right) eating
out for their birthday dinner.