Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sounds of Music ~ Student Recital

This Saturday Evangeline and I had most of our students put on a recital at a lodge/studio in Oswego. The theme of the recital was the Sound of Music, so we made matching skirts for the girls, made the little boys wear overalls and even introduced the children to the audience the same way Captain Von Trapp did for Maria when she came to be the governess (ie. blowing the whistle, standing at attention, and marching forward to say their name.) It was really cute! All of the children did an excellent job, and the production received a standing ovation! The last song we did was So Long Farewell - I sang while all the little children sat on the floor in front of me and Evangeline accompanied on the piano. At certain intervals two or three of them would walk off the "stage" waving good-bye, until only our smallest student was left....... At the last "Goodbye" I scooped her up in my arms and walked out of sight. It was a completely wonderful evening enjoyed by all!

Ethan Stolp playing his piece

Our smallest student, Mallory Curtis.
"So Long Farewell"

"Do - Re - Me"
Elizabeth and Alexis Reece, piano
Adam Humphrey and Grace Cordone, voice

Getting ready to march down the stairs at the beginning of the recital....

Some of the audience before the program began.......

Last minute instructions...

Miss Alexis

Shhh....It's a secret!
Teachers Elizabeth and Evangeline
Gracious owners, Mr. and Mrs. Zollo of the Cherrywood studio, where we held the recital.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday picnic by the river....

Eating together in the gazebo.

Evangeline, Daddy, Elizabeth and Emily....
A helping hand (Emily and Elizabeth ).

Emily standing by the water edge.

Evangeline enjoying the warmer October weather...

18th Wedding Anniversary...

Happy 14th Birthday Emily

Starting the soda explosion.

Watch out for the soda!

Emily with her birthday cake...

This past Friday Emily had her 14th birthday...... Sarah Canfield, our cousin, came and spent the day with us and then in the evening the rest of the family came to celebrate. In the morning Mom, Emily and Sarah did science experiments - their favorite was the soda explosion!

Silas eating cake..

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The return of the fishermen..........

This is the second year Kenny and Clouse Hobbs came up to go Salmon fishing.

This is the fish that Clouse

Daddy and Kenny talking on Sunday afternoon.

Mommy made each of us kids take turns washing the dishes before we could play a game.

Canfield family Reunion/Birthday party.....

2 Sundays ago we went to our Uncle David's for a family Reunion/Birthday celebration.Our great uncle George had his 80th Birthday.

Our sweet Aunt Jen
The twins talking with Aunt Jen.
My handsome little prince Silas.

Great Aunt Betty, Evangeline, our cousin Sarah, and our mom.
People enjoying the wonderful meal.
The twins playing catch with the kids in the pool.
Daddy's cousin, his girl friend, and our Great uncle.

The birthday man.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday at the Wilsons.....

The twins and the Wilson boys looking at some pictures.

The parents talking after the night service .

The moms enjoyed talking.
Mr. Wilson playing "It" with us in the basement.

3 Sundays ago the Wilson family invited us to their house after church. We had a blast! They have a big basement with lots of space. After a wonderful meal, we got Mr. Wilson to come down and we played "guard the balloons". It was lots of fun! We had the parents laughing really hard!
After evening church, we went back to their house because they had invited us over for some popcorn. While the parents chatted, we had our own personal entertainment! The boys wrestled. It was SO fun to watch!