Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday at the Wilsons.....

The twins and the Wilson boys looking at some pictures.

The parents talking after the night service .

The moms enjoyed talking.
Mr. Wilson playing "It" with us in the basement.

3 Sundays ago the Wilson family invited us to their house after church. We had a blast! They have a big basement with lots of space. After a wonderful meal, we got Mr. Wilson to come down and we played "guard the balloons". It was lots of fun! We had the parents laughing really hard!
After evening church, we went back to their house because they had invited us over for some popcorn. While the parents chatted, we had our own personal entertainment! The boys wrestled. It was SO fun to watch!


maryellenhuff said...

They look familiar - what are the parents names? Looks like fun!

JenLo said...

I knew your dad from Hobe Sound when he was a teacher. I recently got an email about this photo web site and thought of the beautiful pictures that you post here and thought you might be interested!
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