Thursday, February 28, 2008

Visit to Kenny Hobb's house

Dad and Kenny having a discussion. (No they were not arguing!)
Everyone sitting around talking...

I love this picture! A frog used his suction cup feet to stick to the window!

Us wit one of the Hobbs girls...

The kids table...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hobe Sound: Supper at the Hortons.....

Another evening our family went over the the Horton's house for a meal. Mrs. Horton was a teacher the same time Daddy was, so they like to share stories! Usually several of the other teachers who taught at the same time come over and reminisce. (Photo:Emily and her friend Rebeca Negron...

The kids table....

The food was delicious and was enjoyed by everyone there!

Elizabeth with Mrs. Decker's adorable granddaughter.

Hobe Sound: Mrs. Palms

One evening we went over to Mrs. Palms to work on missions projects and then surprised her with cake and gifts for her birthday.....A group of other ladies also came that night to help celebrate and make the projects go faster....
Some of the other ladies....

Elizabeth and Tiffany making something for children in China.

Hobe Sound: Week at the Budendiesks

We girls stayed a week at the Budensieks at Hobe Sound. We had a splendidly marvelous time!
If you're wondering why Tiffany Budensiek and I are in grocery carts, it's because I got bored waiting for our mothers to pick us up at a local store. My legs got soooo tiered so I just helped my self to a cart and accomplished two things at once: I had a place to sit and I wasn't bored anymore! It was soooooooooooo much fun!

Standing around talking at the Budensieks...
Tiffany and I making a cake...
On the way back from a shopping trip (Evangeline and Mrs. Budensiek).
More talking...

Emily, Crystal B. and Elizabeth...

More pictures from Grandpa and Grandma Canfield's house...

(Prisms of their chandelier above the table..... I thought they made for a unique picture.)

One very beautiful table setting...

(I think Grandma has the most beautiful towels - I couldn't help but take a picture of them!

Sunday dinner great-Aunt Lily (who is also a twin) came over for a scrumptious meal made by our mom. (The three twins sat together at the table.... )
We had a very nice time with our Grandparents in FL - great meals, lots of free time to do fun things and practice our music as much as we wanted!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Time at our Grandparents........

We had a delightful and restful time at our grandparents!

Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma eating breakfast.
While were at our grandparents, they told us that their piano tuner told them about a music store were there were a lot of pianos from Paris, Germany, and all over Europe.The twins got to play them! It was really neat! One piano they played cost about $200,000!!!

Daddy, Me, Grandpa, and Grandma waiting for the twins.

Playing a game called 'dictionary'.

Grandma working in the kitchen. She made lots of wonderful food.

Grandpa sleeping
Outside Cracker Barrel

Some of the pianos at the store.

Monday Morning.....

Monday was a rather sad day, because we were leaving. Then we were off to FL!

L-R: Me, Evangeline, Hannah,and Elizabeth

One of the kids found a huge snowball! We kids hid and waited till Uncle Jonathan came out then threw the snowball on him. The camera captured it just as it shattered!

After our attack!!


Elizabeth and Sarah goofing off.
Sunday night was our last night together. Jonathan and the twins and I stayed up talking till 3:00 A.M.!!

(Picture from the Kline blog)

(Picture from the Kline blog)
Best Friends for ever!
Hannah, Jonathan, and Me
Our wonderful Aunt and Uncle!!
Sunday night it snowed. We were very glad, because the Klines hardly have ever seen any. It was funny one time Heidi came running in. She said "ITS COMING FROM THE SKY!!" Of course, us New Yorkers thought it was really funny!

Uncle Jonathan and Jonathan Jr.
Checking out the snow
While our parents went to another of our Aunts and Uncles us kids stayed home and played games.
Sweet sisters

Jonathan working in the kitchen

Caught in the act!!!Now we have evidence that Jonathan really beats up on us:)
The twins and Jonathan helping Pappy. Hannah and I didn't have to do anything! We were really glad!

Instrumental time!!!

Jonathan acting his regular goofy self .

Mommy entertaining the youngest little Kline kids.

Some of us kids ate in the kitchen. It was lots of fun !

The little kids got to eat a little something before lunch. Since it was so close to lunch, some of us couldn't eat anything. We were starving by the time we got home from church, and to have to wait while we saw other people eat was horrible!!!

Sarah waiting for us to finish getting ready for church.
Uncle Jonathan
Matthew had a delightful time turning the water on and off in the bathrooms at church!!

Uncle Jonathan talking