Saturday, February 23, 2008

More pictures from Grandpa and Grandma Canfield's house...

(Prisms of their chandelier above the table..... I thought they made for a unique picture.)

One very beautiful table setting...

(I think Grandma has the most beautiful towels - I couldn't help but take a picture of them!

Sunday dinner great-Aunt Lily (who is also a twin) came over for a scrumptious meal made by our mom. (The three twins sat together at the table.... )
We had a very nice time with our Grandparents in FL - great meals, lots of free time to do fun things and practice our music as much as we wanted!


Dorcas said...

You all got some very nice pictures. I love the ones of the beautiful table setting and your meal. Also, I don't think I realized that there were more twins in your family!! Looks like you really had a great time at your grandparents.