Monday, January 28, 2008

Christmas get togetter....

Glen, the twins, Hannah, and Me.
Jonathan H. being the sweet, and kind cousin to Christopher:)(Ha-Ha!)

After it was all over, everyone helped clean up.

Glen and one of his good friends, Branden.
Glen, Hannah, and I

Cute Matthew!
Some of us older girls sat on the stairs and talked. Hannah, Elizabeth, and Me. (Evangeline was taking the picture)
Mommy and Uncle Dennis playing ping-pong.
Twin sisters
Twin cousins

Crystal is a nurse, so she was showing Aunt Karen how to give Kaitlyn her shots.
Elizabeth and Hannah
Heidi sat with Crystal and her husband Nathan.
Everyone had a great time eating.
One of our all time favorite cousins, Glen

An overview of the room.

R-L: Hannah and Bethany against Danielle and me.

Christopher had tied up Jonathan.

The night before, some of us went over and put up random pictures of everyone.
Having a blast playing games!

Our wonderful Uncle!
Evangeline trying to teach Glen chopsticks:) It was lots of fun to watch!

Uncle Jonathan and Uncle Dennis talking

Jonathan wrote this really neat song for Glen.

Target practice at Christmas......

Sat. morning the boys went clay pigeon shooting. Us girls decided to go along. We thought that they would just shoot a few clay pigeons, right? WRONG!!!!!!! There was fifty rounds for everyone and their was about 8 people shooting! It was really cold out so Uncle Jonathan brought down the van so us girls could sit in it and watch.

Waiting at Aunt Glenna's house.
At the target place, Glen and Jonathan H. sitting together.
The first shooting stand.

The guy who would throw the clay pigeon.

Uncle Galen ended up hitting the most clay pigeons.

Glen and his girlfriend, Bethany.

Thankfully the van gave us a little shelter from the cold!
Kaitlyn wasn't feeling good, so she laid down in the van.

Hannah, Elizabeth, and Kaitlyn watching.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dead Deer Update

People have been emailing, wondering if we were able to continue on our trip to Florida after our deer kill. The deer did 3,000.00 in damage, including ruining the radiator, making the van unable to be driven. The collision place said that it would take 2 weeks to fix, but we were able to borrow a van to continue on our way, and we are in Florida at our grandparents, and will be in Hobe Sound all of next week.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Preparation for the family Christmas get together...

Sat. was the family reunion, so we went to help get it set up Fri. night.

Uncle Jonathan dropped some of us older kids off at the church because some were getting car sick. While we were there, the assistant pastor came and let us in. We got this bright idea. When Uncle Jonathan and the rest would return, we would be inside with the lights off so it would look like something had happened to us. So we waited till the pastor left, then turned off the light and talked till the rest came. When they pulled up, we tried to hide; but unfortunately they saw Jonathan's head. It didn't end up working how we wanted it to.

We are laughing at something funny the assistant pastor said.
Waiting till the pastor left before we turned off the lights.
Sitting on the stairs chit-chatting
We occupied ourselves by playing games.

Hannah and Aunt Karen putting pictures on the wall
Look who is not working!!!:)
Caleb David

Random pictures of Friday......

Elizabeth and Jonathan arm wrestling
The neighbor kids came over a little, and played with the little Kline kids.
Our sweet Aunt Karen

Hannah and I at an auction

Elizabeth and Jonathan working in the kitchen

Playing Skip-o
Grandpa eating his "Yuckert" ice ream! ( It is the name the Kline's gave to grandpa's frozen yogurt. They combined the word yuck and yogurt)

I think this is such a funny picture!! To me it looks like the classic gossipers:)

The cousin Pyramid