Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Arriving at our grandparents...........

This year was the Hostetter get together. The Kline's came up to PA and we went down to PA.

Our sweet Kaitlyn found out on the way up, that she has sugar diabetes.She was very brave when she had to get the shots!!! We all felt really bad for her, because the rest of us would be eating ice cream, and she couldn't have any! She handled the situation very well!!!
Heidi in action!
Most of us kid stayed on the 3rd floor. All of us 7 girls slept in one room! It made quite cramped conditions!!!

Some of the time our other cousin Danielle came over (the one in the green shirt).

Sarah had fallen down between two of the beds.


Dorcas said...

Glad you could spend time with your family and Grandparent Hostetter's!! Hope they are doing well!!