Saturday, July 22, 2006

Water war: A father vs. daughter fight to the finish...

The war was on! Emily with her super-soaker and Dad with his teensy water gun and ink syringe (that also doubled as a water sprayer). Believe me, it was a sight to see! Looking at the last photo you should be able to guess who won....or rather, who lost.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sounds of the Syracuse Symphony at Fort Ontario


Our Family spent several days this week helping the Lambeth family get ready for Richland Campmeeting........ That included tearing downa chimney, raking leaves, and cleaning cabins etc. We enjoyed being part of the demolition crew for the chimney removal, especially when we got to use the sledge hammer! After the chimneywas taken out, I slid down the 1st floor hole to the basement. It was a longer drop that I had thought, but it was still worth the excitement! (The photo was taken looking down into the basement where we were working to clear the away the debris.)