Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Water fight with our cousins.....

Last Saturday, when we were babysitting our cousins, it was rather warm. I came up with a bright idea of having a water fight! We were armed with a hose, (Warning!-it can be very dangerous if the wrong people get it) and cups of water. The water was cold, but we had fun anyway!

Sarah with a cup full of water

Run, Sarah, run!!!
Oh, no!!! Silas has the hose!!
Elizabeth and Silas goofing off.
I was doing something when I looked over and saw Silas in our garden, with his feet in a mud puddle!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music - Musical Grandfather Frank Weinstock

While we were in Cincinnati for the GBS VIP days, we decided to go visit Frank Weinstock, concert pianist and professor at the CCM. Our teacher, Rob Auler, used to take lessons from Dr. Weinstock, so we thought it would be neat to get a picture with our musical grandfather. We didn't know for sure if he still taught there, much less where his office was, or if he'd even be there. But we went anyway, and after asking around we finally found his studio. Much to our delight we heard music coming from the room so we knew he must be in there. We saw on his lesson schedule sheet that he would be done teaching a lesson soon so we figured we could catch him then. As it turns out, we did get to meet him and (as you can see) got a picture together. He was very surprised and happy when we told him of our connection ("grandchildren" through musical lineage), and thought it was the coolest thing. He was very nice, and we enjoyed our little visit very much.

Us on the Cincinnati University campus in front of the music building.

Ohio trip - IHC Convention

One of our friends and Dad's former student Rochenda (Concio) Crane, when we told her we were taking her picture to put on our blog.... Love the face, Rochenda!

As many of you know, we went out to Ohio for the IHC convention in Dayton. We spent Wednesday and Thursday there before going to Cincinnati...

Photo: the mass choir singing in the last service...

Monday, April 14, 2008

A "Blast From the Past"

Last week daddy took us to the college that he graduated from, Roberts Wesleyan College, for some forensic programs and labs. We went early so that daddy could surprise an old college friend, who is now a professor in the Seminary there. Daddy just walked in on him in the room that he was meeting with some students.

When Dr. Grimm realized who daddy was he couldn't believe it and said, "A blast from the past". When the class was over, daddy and Dr. Grimm got to catch up and we got to hear a few crazy things from their college days.

One crazy night in the dorm in the 1970's. Daddy is in the front and Dr. Grimm is behind him to the right.

Daddy water-skiing on Lake Ontario. One weekend several of his friends went to one of their parents summer place on the lake. It was the first of May, and the ice had just melted on the lake and daddy remembers it being VERY COLD!

The now "Dr. Grimm" driving the boat.

Daddy and Dr. Grimm 30 some years later!

In the evening program, the very interesting speaker was Clint Van Zandt, a well know name in the FBI, and the one who brought Ted Kaczynsi, the unabomber down. We learned alot about forensics and detective work!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Humphreys come for supper.

Mrs. Humphrey and mommy chatting in the kitchen after the dishes were all done.
Dr. Humphrey trying out our new harp.
Finishing up dessert.

Becca taking her turn on the harp.

Dr. Humphrey (our family doctor) helping Elizabeth figure out a Trig problem.

Adam and Elizabeth playing a game.