Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Homeschool Float - Memorial Day Parade

The homeschoolers participated
in Fulton's Memorial Day parade this year.
We had a float, band and chorus, and some
of the kids dressed up in uniforms representing
all the wars.


- Picture of the Month: The serious little patriot!
( The boy in the little red wagon..)

- Elizabeth with her little friends before the parade began.

- Some of the patriotic singers

- the float, banner etc....

- Our uniformed soldiers..

- Elizabeth at the keyboard (we twins took turns accompanying
the band.)

After the parade....

We were thrilled to help the Fulton Police set up their booth
after the parade!


#- Officer Curtis talking to another officer.......

#2 - Evangeline and I stole loads papers from the police - right
out from under their noses....Ha! Just kidding.

#3- More of the FPD officers at their booth...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day picnic at our house.....


- After the parade we had our friends and family over for a picnic. It was a great time to fellowship and discuss the day's events!

- Our grandpa, a WWII veteran keeping an eye on everything.....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A summer snapshot.......

Elizabeth Ann

Emily's new pet.......

Look what Emily found in our backyard last week........ or did she?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Snapshots from camp workday........

Photo #1: friend Joanna with her niece at lunch break

Photo#2 Karen Blowers ( also rainydays15o - check comment post)

Photo #3 Evangeline, me, Emily, Shonnah Kastler and Kathy Yerton had a sleepover the night before and had a blast chatting 'till the wee hours of the mourning!

Just incase you were wondering, we did work but I just didn't get any photos of it.........

Emily's Piano Recital

Last Wednesday Emily played in a piano recital with other students of Kim Yerton. She played two pieces, then we joined her for a piano trio. ( We used to take lessons from her, too, but then switched to the college ..... ) It was hard to get the right finger out of the way, at the right time, so someone else could hit the note they needed, then get it back in time to play the note again! ( It was almost as confusing as it sounds!) Anyway, it was a great evening and everyone had an enjoyable time!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cousin Kisses

Reflections From Our Keyboard.....

Fulton's 10th Annual Awards Ceremony

Each year Fulton holds an Awards Ceremony to honor police, fire and EMS personnel, along with people in the community - all of which have done outstanding acts of service.

Photos: This was the 3rd year that we played a piano prelude for the ceremony. I do believe it's one of our favorite places to play - it combines our most favorite things........ piano and Law Enforcement!

Left to right - Elizabeth, Emily, our friend Mark Spawn (Fulton's Chief of Police), his daughter Alyssa, and Evangeline