Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Children" - part two

"Children" - photography by Elizabeth

Friends, Friends and More Friends......

Karen Blowers and the twins....

Mackenzie and Joy
and more girlfriends!
Chess players...
Little girlfriends....

( Shohna Kastler and Kathy Yerton)

Too many friends to name them all!.....

Evangelists and singers for this year's Camp....

Singers : Mr. and Mrs. Fuller
Evangelists: Bro. Mac and Dr. Reiff

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Then and Now......

Look what 14 1/2 years can do to three little cousins...... ( Evangeline, Elizabeth and Jonathan Kline.) !

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Twin Cousins

Emily and Hannah

Two sets of twins

Talk about hair! Whew!
( Emily and Hannah)

The Kline Family

This year our cousins came up from Florida and stayed at camp for a week.... With 8 additional kids, there was never a dull moment!

left to right: Hannah, Evangeline, Jonathan, Christopher, Emily and Elizabeth

Elizabeth with baby Matthew
Daddy and Uncle Jonathan eating together.

Evangeline, Christopher, and Lucas Wilson goofing off.
Tough dude! - Jonathan picking up one of the railroad ties.
Hannah, Me, Evangeline, and Jonathan walking down the tracks the morning before they left.
Jonathan Kline Jr.

Aunt Karen

The ADORABLE chunky Matthew

We frightened Matthew so bad with all the noise we were making that he hid in his mothers skirt.
Sarah Rose
Hannah with Matthew
Hannah Joy Kline
We older kids tried to call another one of our cousins that live in Wyoming.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the dorm....

Dorm life was made twice as much fun when our cousin Hannah "moved in" ! ( She and Emily shared a room.)

We'd all pile in, squashed as it was, and talk talk talk!

One morning both Hannah and I had off, so we got one of our friends to bring us breakfast in bed. We didn't get up until 10 min. to ten. ( At ten o'clock we had to go to the morning service.) You can imagine we did some scrambling!

A cute visitor that came with me to my room one morning. ( Sarah Kline)

Dining Hall

Young people eating together before their dining hall work.....

Evangeline and Little Miss Blow getting butter ready for the next meal.
Jason B., Shohna K., Evangeline, our cousin Jonathan, and I eating breakfast together on our morning off dining room duties.

The cook getting food ready to be served.

Daddy and Mr. Wilson (from our church) chatting in line.

Mr. and Mrs. Green, this year's cooks.