Friday, December 21, 2007

Annual Christmas surprise for the Fulton Police Chief....

Each year all three of us girls go down to the Fulton Police Station and do a surprise rendition of something for the police chief who is a good friend of ours. This year the theme was "We Three Queens"..... We sang our own rendition of "We Three Kings" as seen on the video. You should have seen the look on the officers faces when they saw us coming in dressed up like that! It was one of the most embarrassing things we have ever done, but hey, what you don't do for friends! Needless to say, Chief enjoyed it!

(Photo: Elizabeth, Chief Mark Spawn, Evangeline and Emily)

It's Winter!

Elizabeth / Emily
Evangeline, Elizabeth and Emily


Fall photos from our trip to Letchworth State Park, NY

Reflection of the trees in my cider....

The Concert Night...

Reflections of Christmas

December 7th, 2007

The sanctuary where the concert was held.... (It was too dark to get any really good pictures of the platform, but at least it gives you an idea of what it looked like.)

We have a great turnout considering how many other things were going on elsewhere that night!

Hannah, (harp) Elizabeth (piano) Robin, (flute) Evangeline, (piano)

Friends Steve and Katie Pagliaroli flashing their congratulatory smiles after the concert! :)

The performers got to be first in line for the little reception we had after the concert at our house....What a privilege!

Enjoying each other's company...

Emily, Evangeline, Hannah and Elizabeth eating together in the living room.

Little Miss Alexis goofing off...

We were very touched by the thoughtfulness of the people who sent us flowers!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Photo shoot for the concert program.....

Last Thursday Elizabeth took pictures for the programs. The first photo is the picture they put on the front.

Some pictures didn't exactly turn out as good as
they hoped.

The twins and Hannah

Elizabeth trying to get different angels of the harp.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday rehearsal...

In the morning, the flutist, Robin Reece came over for a morning rehearsal.

Elizabeth and Robin Reece practicing one of their duets.
Hannah, the twins, and Robin practicing
Robin Reece

Hannah Lamont

The Next Day........

A few days before Hannah came up, one of her strings on the harp snapped. She had to order a new string and picked it up Wednesday morning. It was neat to see her re-"string" the harp!

Hannah tuning the harp.

We loved playing the harp! She let us have free
reign of it. It was lots of fun!!!!! In the picture, Elizabeth is figuring out a song.