Friday, December 21, 2007

Annual Christmas surprise for the Fulton Police Chief....

Each year all three of us girls go down to the Fulton Police Station and do a surprise rendition of something for the police chief who is a good friend of ours. This year the theme was "We Three Queens"..... We sang our own rendition of "We Three Kings" as seen on the video. You should have seen the look on the officers faces when they saw us coming in dressed up like that! It was one of the most embarrassing things we have ever done, but hey, what you don't do for friends! Needless to say, Chief enjoyed it!

(Photo: Elizabeth, Chief Mark Spawn, Evangeline and Emily)


Anonymous said...

You are very funny girls and quite creative!!!
I'm sure the chief loved it.
I'll have to hear the song when I come and visit!
Mrs. Fitz

Dorcas said...

This is hiliarious!! I'm sure the police chief did a double take when you three queens walked in :o) Emily ~ I love the poofy hair!!

Dorcas said...

Merry Christmas from the McCoy's!