Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Daddy got his 1st deer......

This past Thursday, our family left to go down to our grandparents in PA. We were having a peaceful ride on the side of a steep incline, when all of a sudden, from the side of the cliff, a deer leaped right in front of our van! Usually you miss animals by a little bit. Not this time!! It hit smack in the front of the van. Thankfully it didn't hit the windshield, but it smashed the radiator. I was sitting up front when all of a sudden I saw this brown thing fling at us. I thought it wouldn't hit us, but then it crashed. All I could distinctly see were the hoofs flying up. We were going about 65 miles per hour. We could hear it crunch under our van. When we pulled off the road, and another car stopped and checked if we were alright. Thankfully, we were okay!!!! I thought our van was fine till I got out and saw the front smashed.. We had to wait till the tow truck came, then we had to go back to the garage to change drivers, because we were about 80 miles away from our grandparents.

The police car that came to help us.
The back of our van, with the flairs
Elizabeth, Evangeline, Me, and Mommy.
Daddy was freaking out, but I thought it was an adventure.

Our van on the truck.


maryellenhuff said...

Wow - I'm glad everyone was/is OK. That must have been a little frightning...and I have to say I'm not too surprised that your Dad was freaking out..... "-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Canfields....hope your having a great time in FL. What do you think we can get for deer meat and spare mini-van parts on ebay?....We must find ways to defer these unexpected costs! I'll go paperweight hunting right away. Steve

Dorcas said...

So glad non of you were hurt ~ just your van!! I'm sure that was very scary!!