Monday, January 28, 2008

Christmas get togetter....

Glen, the twins, Hannah, and Me.
Jonathan H. being the sweet, and kind cousin to Christopher:)(Ha-Ha!)

After it was all over, everyone helped clean up.

Glen and one of his good friends, Branden.
Glen, Hannah, and I

Cute Matthew!
Some of us older girls sat on the stairs and talked. Hannah, Elizabeth, and Me. (Evangeline was taking the picture)
Mommy and Uncle Dennis playing ping-pong.
Twin sisters
Twin cousins

Crystal is a nurse, so she was showing Aunt Karen how to give Kaitlyn her shots.
Elizabeth and Hannah
Heidi sat with Crystal and her husband Nathan.
Everyone had a great time eating.
One of our all time favorite cousins, Glen

An overview of the room.

R-L: Hannah and Bethany against Danielle and me.

Christopher had tied up Jonathan.

The night before, some of us went over and put up random pictures of everyone.
Having a blast playing games!

Our wonderful Uncle!
Evangeline trying to teach Glen chopsticks:) It was lots of fun to watch!

Uncle Jonathan and Uncle Dennis talking

Jonathan wrote this really neat song for Glen.


Hannah KLine said...

Great pictures Emily!!!!
next weekend we are going down to Hobe Sound for camp! Some day you girls and I should go down there and stay w/ the Budensieks! That would be SO much fun!!!!!