Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mary Ellen................Pre-Blog Days.

Mary Ellen, this was not our idea. Can you guess whose it was? :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend wedding....

This past weekend we played (along with one of his college students) for our piano professor's wedding. It went well, for which we were very thankful!

At the reception we got a picture of us - the student musicians - with our teacher (Dr. Auler).
The wedding musicians..
The bride and groom!

This is the pencil sketch we drew that we gave our teacher as a wedding present.

A Grandmother's Love

At the end of our benefit concert Grandma Canfield came up and gave us the most beautiful red roses.
It was so sweet of her, and we appreciated it a lot!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Benefit Concert....

Thursday night was our benefit concert for Zachary Dievendorf (see earlier post) and it went very well. There were about 300 people in attendance..... The thing that most took us by surprise was how much the offering was. I was absolutely shocked when we got the news - $4,520!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good!

We are still so excited about the concert that - since then -I have not been able to get to sleep until after midnight!

Please continue to keep Zak in your prayers.... He has begun radiation and could use all the prayers he can get!

Evangeline and I with our first piano teacher after the concert....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Concert Rehearsal

The other day the twins had a concert rehearsal for Zachary Dievendorf.

Elizabeth (left)and Evangeline (right)moving the piano....

An overview of the church

Evangeline goofing off......

At the end, the twins were so worn out that they collapsed (for fun:)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Elizabeth's Goals for my Life......

As many of you know, we twins love to play jokes on people........we have come up with quite a few good tricks in our life time, and our poor parents never know what we will come up with next. No one is completely safe, and as it turns out, the common victims are the ones that are around us the most - namely, our family. And sometimes, we even turn on each other and pull some funny ones. Most recently, I was the victim............

I have a notebook that I record different misc. things in, (i.e. music ideas, 'to-do' lists, etc.). The other day Elizabeth came into the room where I was and said "This is your notebook, I'll put it in our room".......now, you wouldn't think that was anything unusual, but she was holding it open at a funny angle to a page where I didn't remember there being much writing. As I can usually tell what Elizabeth is up to, I had a hunch - just a hunch - that she had been tampering with my notebook. So I started the interrogation...(Yelling down the hall...) "Elizabeth, did you write in my notebook?"......no answer. Immediate conclusion : GUILTY AS CHARGED. And I was correct! Written in my book was thirteen goals for my life......


To do everything Elizabeth wants me to do.

To say anything Elizabeth wants me to say.

To help Elizabeth in any way she wants me to.

To help Elizabeth be smarter than me. (By telling her everything that I know so she'll know what I know plus some.)

To give all of my money to Elizabeth as fast as I can so she can buy everything she wants.

To not eat so much lasagna (there is a story behind that) so Elizabeth can have my portion and not be hungry ever

To let Elizabeth practice whenever she wants so that she will get famous and then I'd get to say I knew her way back when.

To always be on my best behavior so I can make Elizabeth's day brighter.

To pretend to be Elizabeth when she gets into trouble (She's done that for me when we were young)

To go to the dentist in place of Elizabeth. (She just had to get a small cavity filled.)

To let Elizabeth use the mirror first so she can look something smashing

To continue this list, adding stuff always to help Elizabeth until

1) I die

2) I run out of paper

This is what I have for a twin!!!!