Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mary Ellen................Pre-Blog Days.

Mary Ellen, this was not our idea. Can you guess whose it was? :)


Mary Ellen said...

That is hilarious! When I see pictures like this I always laugh at my hugely high forehead...I love to tease my Mom now by thanking her for making it even more noticeable by really slicking my hair straight back! Too funny.

I remember that night so well - Thanksgiving Banquet, I got to be a little pilgrm girl in a play they did - it was a big deal because no kids came to the Banquet but because I was in the play I got to be there...I thought I was big stuff!

Mary Ellen said...

I almost forgot...I am sure that was your ornery Dad's idea! Tell him to watch out, I bet I have a lot funnier pictures of him!

Dorcas said...

Well, I don't think you have any of me when I was lots younger :o))