Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Homeschool Float - Memorial Day Parade

The homeschoolers participated
in Fulton's Memorial Day parade this year.
We had a float, band and chorus, and some
of the kids dressed up in uniforms representing
all the wars.


- Picture of the Month: The serious little patriot!
( The boy in the little red wagon..)

- Elizabeth with her little friends before the parade began.

- Some of the patriotic singers

- the float, banner etc....

- Our uniformed soldiers..

- Elizabeth at the keyboard (we twins took turns accompanying
the band.)


The McCoy's said...

Dear Canfield Family,
I don't believe this!! I "just" happened to go on someone else's blog and found the "Canfield Family"!! This is so neat to be able to get in touch with you all. How have you been? Haven't talked to you since ??????????? Tell all the family we asked about them, okay? I looked at all the pictures and what you wrote on your blog. It's really nice! I've been wanting to start my own blog, but it hasn't happened yet! You need to get some pictures of Momma & Pappa on here. We need to see how good they're looking! ha!! Keep in touch with us!
Love to all,
The McCoy's

Amy Stinnett said...

I love these pictures! It looks like you all enjoyed your time. Nice float too!
Hope to see you soon!
Love, Amy Sinnett