Monday, February 04, 2008


Elizabeth and Sarah goofing off.
Sunday night was our last night together. Jonathan and the twins and I stayed up talking till 3:00 A.M.!!

(Picture from the Kline blog)

(Picture from the Kline blog)
Best Friends for ever!
Hannah, Jonathan, and Me
Our wonderful Aunt and Uncle!!
Sunday night it snowed. We were very glad, because the Klines hardly have ever seen any. It was funny one time Heidi came running in. She said "ITS COMING FROM THE SKY!!" Of course, us New Yorkers thought it was really funny!

Uncle Jonathan and Jonathan Jr.
Checking out the snow
While our parents went to another of our Aunts and Uncles us kids stayed home and played games.
Sweet sisters

Jonathan working in the kitchen

Caught in the act!!!Now we have evidence that Jonathan really beats up on us:)
The twins and Jonathan helping Pappy. Hannah and I didn't have to do anything! We were really glad!

Instrumental time!!!

Jonathan acting his regular goofy self .

Mommy entertaining the youngest little Kline kids.

Some of us kids ate in the kitchen. It was lots of fun !

The little kids got to eat a little something before lunch. Since it was so close to lunch, some of us couldn't eat anything. We were starving by the time we got home from church, and to have to wait while we saw other people eat was horrible!!!

Sarah waiting for us to finish getting ready for church.
Uncle Jonathan
Matthew had a delightful time turning the water on and off in the bathrooms at church!!

Uncle Jonathan talking


Dorcas said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with your cousins and Aunt/Uncle!! It's nice you get to see them once and a while!!

Mary Ellen said...

I can't believe how much Hannah and Jonathon Jr. look just like their Mom and Dad did when they were younger - I actually have a hard time telling Jon. Sr. from Jon Jr. in the pictures!

Enjoyed the blog and all the photos.