Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Empty Seat

The Empty Seat
A tribute to Sis. Harriet Harp
By: Elizabeth Canfield

With feeble hands she grasped the church pew in
front of her and slowly stood. In a voice weathered
by age, she began to pour out her love and devotion
for her heavenly Father.

It was a bright Sunday morning and Sis. Harp was
once again giving praise to her Lord.

For as long as I live, I will never forget the joy and
peace that radiated from her face!

Each Sunday when I'd slip into my seat, I could always count
on Sis. Harp to be sitting right there behind us, smiling only
the way she could do.

Then one day, something changed. Everything was normal
until I went to sit down. There behind me, the seat was empty.
Sis. Harp was no longer there.

Yes, it was true - the dear older saint had become too frail to
get out, and was soon confined to a nursing home.

This continued for several months until one day, we received
the news. She never again would fill her earthly seat, but
instead, her heavenly one.

She left behind a vacant seat, but with it, she left a legacy. A
legacy of deep love and commitment to her Savior.

The empty seat will forever serve as a reminder - Just what
kind of legacy will you leave?