Friday, April 14, 2006

Revenge two days later....

As revenge for the practical joke that was played on us, we decided to arrest anyone who was involved. After we got the crooks under control, Elizabeth saw to it that one of the victims, (Hannah Lamont) was calmed down after the unnerving event. (Even though it was a few day's later......) As soon as we put Ian and Jacob Lamont, and Nathan G. in jail, (we let Mrs. Lamont go since she had other things she needed to do,) they asked for a phone to call the Canfield Detective Agency - we wasted no time in telling them they were out of luck and that we were the Canfield Detective Agency! They were charged with at least 15 offences but we haven't set a date for their arraignment in court yet...... Guess that's next on the agenda.


Anonymous said...

I love the outfits, very stylish.
It seems that you have been very busy lately tracking down crime. It's a good thing you're around, just think of the kind of world it would be without you.
-the anonymous blogger