Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last update for the night.......

I just finished talking to our mom.............she filled us in on the details, but we received an e-mail from our Aunt with the info. already typed up, so I will copy it here.

Remember us in your prayers, too (as I know many of you have, for which we are very thankful!). Honestly, this whole ordeal from the beginning until now seams more like a dream than anything else - so unreal. I just want our mom be here to give us hugs and our dad to be all healthy again. But God knows and there is absolutely no question that God has been, and will be with us as we travel the pathway He's charted out for us! Above all, we are just so thankful that God has brought Daddy though......and as my grandmother said tonight, we just "want to thank the Lord every day for the rest of out lives" for giving us the jem called "hope" - and for continuing to grant us the gift called "father".

Dad is not in his own room yet - still in ICU, but when he gets his own room number we will post his address on the blog.

7:50 Still no news, so Ethel went to the desk and asked. The patient representative checked and said that Doug had reached ICU but that the nurses were busy. She suggested we just go into the ICU if we had not heard anything by 8:15.
8:15 We went into ICU. We were all allowed to go to Doug’s room. The nurse was still busy doing an assessment but said she did not mind if we were there. The room is large and as pleasant as ICU could be.
Ethel said he looked much better than earlier. Doug said the pain was not quite as bad but was still obviously severe.
He was uncomfortable from laying on his back all day. The nurse said they would be turning him every two hours. They turned him partially on his side at 8:35.
Doug was thirsty. The nurse gave Ethel a cup of water and little sponges on sticks Ethel could soak in the water, then let Doug suck the moisture from them.

It was almost 9:00 when we prayed with him and left for the night.

Dr. Cameron will visit Doug between 5 and 6 in the morning. We can see him at 8:30.

Thank you for your prayers. We are all very tired, but the day went very well."

Thanks for all your prayers and support,
Elizabeth, Evangeline, and Emily


Connie Baker Purvis said...

You dont know me - but your Dad was one of my very best friends when we were both at Hobe Sound. (He was a teacher and I a student). Since he was a young teacher, we had many of the same friends. He and I became such good friends - he was like an older brother. He became friends with my family and later came to our house at least once (in N.C.). I have tried to keep up with him through mutual friends over the years... but as so often happens - we both "grew up", got married and had children and have our busy lives and I kind of lost touch. I was devastated to hear about his illness. (My Dad is Charles Baker - on the board of Hobe Sound - and so that's how we've kept up with how he's doing). I have prayed for your family a lot today. I have a 17 year old daughter - so I think I can relate to how you all must be feeling. When your Dad is alert and feeling better ~ please tell him that his old "super close friend" - Connie Baker Purvis - sent a greeting and prayers! Our family is praying for yours and as you know- God still works miracles! Love to each of you!

Joy said...

I will continue to pray for all of you during this trying time. Thanks for keeping everyone up to date on Doug's progress. Will be checking back frequently and trusting God for further miracles.

Faithe said...

Thank the Lord for answered prayer surrounding the surgery! Now we trust Him for a speedy and complete recovery. I know you miss your Dad and Mom very much; we pray the Lord will be especially close to you girls these days. We'll keep checking for updates!

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

So glad to hear the news of surgery that went well. I'll pass it on here at our church. We are praying for you ALL. Trusting in God that the recovery is a good one also. Lolly Brewer (Marcy, NY)