Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hospital Address...

OK, for everyone asking for Daddy's address, here it is:

Douglas Canfield
c/o The Johns Hopkins Hospital
room 317
600 N Wolfe Street
Halstead 600
Baltimore, MD 21287

We will not be able to update the blog until Sunday evening - my apologies! Check back here then for the weekend's report........sorry I can't write more, but we have to run. Thank you for your continued prayers! Say a quick one for our mom today if you think of it. She's had one of those "everything-goes-wrong" days - this morning the toilet overflowed, she locked herself out of her room, and the waffles she made for breakfast stuck to the top and bottom of the maker and had to scrape if off the metal.... all this before 11:30 this morning!

Love you all!
the girls


Dorcas said...

Hope your Dad's recovery is going as good as possible!! We are praying for ALL of you!!! Hope your Mom's day is going better :o))

Bonnie said...

Glad to hear Doug is recuperating as expected. It'll seem like forever, but he WILL get through this. (said from the voice of experience)

Also, tell your Mom not to be frustrated by the "everything goes wrong day." Mine are like that almost every day ... especially in the cooking department ... and the reason I don't cook for myself all that much!

Girls - call me if you need anything. You know my number. Keep enouraged ALl and have a nice weekend.

The Modlins said...

You girls make me proud(as I am sure your parents and family, as well) - your attitude, maturity, outlook, and courage are heartwarming. I can hardly believe all these years have gone by and you are no longer the little girls I loved to babysit and play with, but that you are now young women. We are(and have been) praying for you all and are encouraged with the way things have gone. We are with you all in thoughts and prayers. Really wish we could be there with you girls to hold you and love you and just be there for "whatever". I know you're in good hands, with God first and foremost, and with family and friends, as well. Keep your chins up and your hand in His, He'll see you through. God keep you in His care.

We are so encouraged with your Dad's progress and know that God is in control. Been praying for my good friend Ethel, too. How about some chitchat with a full popcorn bowl when time allows? Just reminiscing, I suppose, and holding your hands from afar.

Love to you all,
The Modlins (Uncle Lee, Aunt Nancy, Matt, and Josh)