Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Recovery.......

Here is the last update we got from our aunt (below). It sounds like he is in a lot of pain - I'd appreciate if you would specifically pray for the pain to subside! I know it's all apart of the "must-go-through" process, but I can't stand thinking of him in so much pain! It was really hard to read the last e-mail!

3:20 We arrived at the Weinberg waiting area and learned that there was not a room in the Weinberg ICU so they had not brought Doug here.

3:30 We went back to the waiting room on the seventh floor of the Osler building (where we had been in the morning). We were told that he had arrived in the recovery room at 3:01 and were told they he would not be allowed a visit for at least an hour. They said they would let us know.

5:00 We still had not heard anything, so Ethel went and asked the patient representative. She called. The nurse called back and told Ethel she could come for 5 minutes.

5:05 Ethel got in to visit Doug.He had an oxygen mask, and it was hard for her to hear him.He was moaning from the pain. (They were told the day before that the pain would be excruciating.) He was constantly pushing the morphine button and could not get more. (It was set to only allow him to get more every ten minutes.) The nurse was going to talk to the doctor about increasing it.He was puffy around the face and ears from all the fluids they put in him during surgery. (They were told to expect this as well.)He will be transferred to the Weinberg ICU by life support.

5:25 Ethel got back to the waiting room – happy that they had allowed her about 20 minutes before sending her away.

5:30 The patient representative received a call saying they were taking him to the Weinberg building.


Global Faith Ministries, Inc. said...
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Janice Seely said...

Am praying for relief from the pain. God has Doug in the palm of His hand, and is not about to let go! It WILL get better! Hold steady! Much love.