Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election Time.....Hobe Sound.........1980

Two weeks from today is election day. Ever since we were todlers, mommy and daddy would take us with them when they voted and would let us pull the levers. Next year we will finally be able to vote ourselves!

Daddy says that elections here in NY are boring compared to FL. Is is a given that NY will go to the DemocRATS (as Aunt Lily would say) so neither side bothers campaigning here. Daddy has all these neat stories of the campaigns in FL when he was teaching 7th grade at Hobe Sound. There were all kinds of rallies and he would love to take his class on field trips, and even some after school rallys. One time he took a few high school guys to a Mondale rally in a heavily Jewish community in the Palm Beach area. Another time his class showed up to a very formal press club meeting with national candidates on both sides speaking. They were the only "children" there and were creating quite a stir.

The above picture is from a Paula Hawkins rally that they were headed to in West Palm Beach. She was running for the US Senate Seat in Florida and one of the girls mother in the class had a special connection with her and arranged for our class to have a special meeting with her after. You may notice some familiar faces here. Kenny Hobbs is the one with buttons all up and down his tie and shirt......and of course, there is Mary Ellen.

We hope that daddy's interest in politics was passed down to his students and they are active voters today.


Anonymous said...

I remember that time period, that's for sure..brings back a lot of memories..Barbara Love

Anonymous said...

It would be better in NC where we live, at least there is a balance of two sides..a little concerned this year though. But you are not outnumbered to be a Republican, like you were when you were in NY. I remember those days when we lived up there.. Do not miss them at all...
Barbara Love

Mary Ellen said...

Those pictures are HILARIOUS! I remember that very, very well. I think that was the year I became interested in politics, thanks to your Dad, and have stayed interested ever since.

I wonder where I got that hilarious hat!?!?!

When I got married I was going through some boxes from my parents attic and I found a pin from that day, I didn't keep it because I knew it wasn't worth anything (I had to get rid of a lot of junk) but I had kept it all those years. What is really funny is I was just telling Kenny's wife Jan about that the other day!

I'm so glad you posted those - that brings back a lot of memories!

Tara said...

Are you kidding? Is there a former Canfield 7th grader around who doesn't remember Aunt Lily and the DemoRATS??! I enjoyed this post immensely. Great memories. I'd say Mr. C definitely inspired an interest in politics for me.

I haven't checked in here for a while. Trust things are going well...how's your Dad's health?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I am the girl all the way on the right hand side of the top picture. My name is Annette Davis (Walker) and yes I am interested in politics and like Mary Ellen I still have some old pins from those many years ago. We had so much fun going to that rally!
Say thanks to your Dad!