Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Life does go on!

As the saying goes, "Life moves on..." - that's especially true with
our performing schedule! Things have been very busy here with
all the piano events! Evangeline and I are performing the four
Chopin Ballades with our piano professor and one other college
student (above photo). We have been (and will be) taking the
Ballades on a "mini tour". Last Thursday we performed at the
University, this Monday we'll be playing in Watertown, NY
(about and hr. and a half from our place), next Thursday at the
college again, and then Oct. 29th for a concert series in Syracuse.
Doesn't that sound exhausting? Well, it should - personal
experience affirms it! Fun yes, but tiring! We also found out last
night that we'll be recording with and oboist this Friday! Our
poor Dad has about had it with our practicing! (But don't worry,
we do let him get an occasional nap -ha!!!!!)
In the photo (L-R)
- Evangeline (Chopin Ballade No. 1)
- Elizabeth (Chopin Ballde No. 2)
- Timothy Lanigan (Chopin Ballade No. 3)
- Dr. Robert Auler ( Chopin Ballade No. 4)


Dorcas said...

Wow! This sounds really exciting. Are you coming near Cleveland, Ohio anytime soon?? :o) That's neat that you're doing a recording. Way to go!! Congrats!!!!

Karen said...

I just bought that exact sweater you're both wearing! very nice fashion choice ladies ;)

Tim L. said...

HAHA, Rob must not like cameras too much. Remember the first one your mother took? He had his eyes closed. This one looks like he almost closed them again

Canfield Twins said...

Hey Tim - What a surprise to see a comment from you! I guess you do your own little bit of detective work! Yea - I don't think Rob likes getting his picture taken....he always acts a little funny when we mention "camera"! Good luck on Monday - see you then!

w2wkb said...

I mailed a package Saturday to your dad, maybe you could shoot an email when it arrives so I'll know it got there.