Saturday, October 25, 2008


Many of you may be wondering why we have not put anything on our blog for quite some time... Well, the reason is that we have some awesomely fun company visiting us - our cousins Jonathan and Hannah Kline! They have been here for a week, and get to stay until Friday of next week! How awesome is that?! We planned it as a surprise for Emily's 15th birthday -she had no idea we were doing this, although we almost let it slip half a million times! Our excuse for going out without her was that we were going to do her birthday shopping and didn't want her around. We picked them up at the airport and brought them back - and had them walk through the front door. You should have seen the look on Em's face when she saw them. We got a video of it so if I can upload it you can see how ecstatic she was! It was so cute!

Needless to say we were very excited ourselves! I must admit that we made quite the scene at the terminal when we picked them up. Picture this: Twin girls, wearing the exact same clothes, grinning gleefully from ear to ear, and grasping each other's hand practically flying from one end of the airport to the other, trying to find the correct pickup gate. We must have looked hilarious! In fact, people did stare at us like we were a two-headed cow of some sort, and didn't in the least try to hide their stares! People would turn and stare at us and smile, security guards would poke each other and point at us like "take a look at that!".......One man passed us and asked if we were twins (duh) and when we replied in the affirmative, he went on down the terminal going "No way!"......Another man going up the escalator saw us and said "Oh my...." and stopped what he was going to say. It was so funny!

We've been having a blast - we'll be posting pictures of things we've done together......