Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tea on an Island

Every time we go down to Florida we have a tea party on a beautiful island with the Budensiek girls. (Yes, we did pack a lot of things into our stay there!) To save time I'll just tell you which girl was wearing what and you can figure it out from there.... Crystal is the one wearing lavender, Elizabeth - cream, Tiffany - dark blue, Evangeline - lighter blue... Emily is also wearing light blue but you can tell who she is!
(Elizabeth decorated the cake for us...)

Yes, Evangeline is in the water fountain -it's always been a dream of ours, and she wasn't going to let the opportunity slip by! (Emily and I did get in too.....)


Dorcas said...

Your pictures are so good (as usual)!! And the tea party on an island is neat. Then the picture of Evangeline hugging the statue in the fountain is so funny:o))