Sunday, March 02, 2008

High school art show....

Elizabeth entered an art show for local high school districts . She placed first for her colored pencil parrot, second for the concert poster she designed in the computer graphics division, and honorable mention for her picture of the water pitcher - "A beam of light." (You can see the parrot in a post several months ago). Congratulations Elizabeth!


Dorcas said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!! Your work is awesome!!

Mary Ellen said...

Way to go Elizabeth - awards that are well deserved.

joan said...

Someone from your blog left me a comment on my Jim Elliot blog and I just found it tonight. You asked if I still had contact with Elizabeth--as a family we do. She and her husband Lars were here two summers ago and we had a grand time with them. Elizabeth's memory is failing some, so her husband does a lot to keep her alert and interested. They spent Christmas with Jim's sister and husband in Wheaton this year. They have just returned from two weeks in Peru visiting her brother-in-law Bert and Colleen Elliot. She is blessed with a wonderful husband who takes very good care of her!!

I would like to comment on the poster on this blog. That is a stunning piece of art! Congratulations on your work.

I've looked through your blog and I'm thinking that Elizabeth is the keeper of the blog?? I couldn't quite figure out who is who. Your pcitures are certainly filled with lovely looking people!

The Canfield Family said...

Joan, thanks for the interesting update on Elizabeth! Our parents used to listen to her on the radio each day, then a few years ago, she was no longer on the air.

All 3 of us girls work on the blog. The reason that you might be having a hard time telling who is who, is because Evangeline and I are twins!

Thanks for your kindness.