Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mom's birthday... March 5th

Our mom had her birthday last week, so we celebrated it with a special meal made by her children (us)....Then later on in the week Grandma Hostteter (along with Grandpa, of course) came for a visit, and since her birthday was coming up, we had a cake in honor of the both of them.

The twins working in the kitchen to prepare the birthday meal.

Grandma and Mom


Dorcas said...

Do you hire those girls out who are working in the kitchen? I don't have girls, but often wished I did :o)) Belated Happy Birthday, Ethel! I hope it was a great on!!

The DeLadurantey Sisters said...

Did you girls make that cake?
If you did, you did a really nice job!

Hannah DeLadurantey

The Canfield Family said...

Yes, Elizabeth decorated the cake. She loves to do that sort of thing. Whenever there is a birthday, she always is the one who decorates the cake.