Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving at the Elseys

Daddy has been good friends with the Elsey family for over 34 years, since Rev. Elsey was his pastor. We spent Thanksgiving with those of the family that gathered in to Titusville PA.

Mommy is a great ping pong player!
Our wonderful hostess, Madeline Elsey

Late evening snack time.
Grandma Elsey and 2 of her daughters, Susan and Beverly.

Our family with Grandma Elsey.
Eating Thanksgiving dinner.
The food sure was good!
Us with Brianna Loomis .

Some of the dads having a discussion. James Keaton, Daddy and Tim Loomis.


Dorcas said...

Looks like you all had a good Thanksgiving!! It's nice to get~together with friends! Did any of the Elsey guys go to Penn View years ago? When my brother went there I remember there were some boys by that name! Also, is James Keaton related to them somehow? Just curious!!

maryellenhuff said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, I know the Elsey family and I loved seeing pictures of some of them. It was also nice to see a picture of James Keaton Jr. and his wife Beverly since they don't live down here anymore.

I hope you show us some pictures of your house when you get it all decorated for Christmas. "-)