Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It was a Dark and Scary Night.......

Some of you may remember the joke Ian and Jacob Lamont, along with Nathan Gill played on us last April....Well, ever since then we have been trying to get them back but nothing we could think of came even close..... That was until this past Sunday night......This is how it went:

We three girls, Hannah Lamont, Elizabeth and I , had "decided'' that we would like to see downtown Delhi at night, with all it beautiful lights and old-town village layout. Mrs. Lamont was "conveniently" busy, so she couldn't take us. Being the kind person that she was, she asked Ian if he would take us - and he agreed. That night, Nathan and his younger brother came over "to play games", so it was decided that all of us kids would walk around town together. Just before we got there, we started a discussion about girls vs. boys, and said that girls can run faster. Jacob then suggested having a race, which was just what we wanted! After a short tour around the town, we headed back to the village square, where Jacob suggested having the race. Things were going like clockwork - until then. By that time it was pitch black out, with only lamplight illuminating the area. We suggested having a walking-race around the square and courthouse building , which would conveniently block us from their view for a few moments. As soon as we stated our intended route, the boys flat out said no, so firmly I thought there would be no way to get around it. I tried to get them to change their minds, and said " come on guys, it's no big deal!" And they said something like, "No big deal, this is Delhi!" And proceeded to tell us why it would be such a dangerous idea. We were getting pretty desperate at this point, because we just couldn't let this opportunity slip away from us but things were looking pretty slim. In order for our plan to work we had to get out of their sight , and they were NOT going to let us do that!!!! Then I got an idea - we had the cell phone with us. That way we could always call for help. And besides, we'd pass each other half way around the courthouse/village green, so they'd know that we were OK. They reluctantly agreed, but still said they didn't think it was a good idea. Whew!
Now we could proceed as planned. We then started the race, but as soon as we were behind the shelter of the courthouse, we waited until the boys were out of sight then took off across the street and down a side ally that was only a few feet wide, and pitch dark.... Just the perfect place to hide. We went all the way to the end of the ally where the back of peoples houses created this small enclose that couldn't be seen from the street. We were planning on staying there until the boys were so freaked out over our disappearance that they would know how we felt the time they scared us! In the rush to get over to the ally Evangeline accidentally dropped her scarf on the side walk, which would prove to be the clincher in our scheme! So there we were, huddled together at the back of some dark alley, with gags in our mouths (that was just an effect to help it look more authentic....)
By this time the guys had gotten around the courthouse, and when didn't see us they said "I don't like the looks of this!" Then began search for the "missing" girls that lasted almost an hour. At first they thought it was a joke, but then after they found Evangeline's scarf they really freaked out! They drove all around town before splitting up into two groups in hopes that they would find us. They kept calling Mrs. Lamont (who was in on this) who would then call us on the cell phone and let us know what was going on. We were never more happy with ourselves!!!!!.
I turned and whispered to Hannah that the boys are going to be REALLY mad at us, to which she replied, "Oh, it will be worth it!!!!!!!!" (Of course we both agreed!) We were planning on staying back there for 2 hours if needs be, but after nearly an hour their mom called and said the boys were so frantic that we should come out of hiding, apologize, and call a truce. We reluctantly agreed, and told Mrs. Lamont to ask the guys if they had checked in the alleys..... Just a short time later we saw one of then appear at the end of the street, so we started mumbling and whimpering, which was helped along by our gags. Unfortunately Evangeline and Hannah sounded more like they were laughing than calling for help. When they heard that, they knew it was just a joke. The "search team" that found us then called the other 2 guys and said that we had been found ..... It was really quite funny - you could just hear the relief in their voices!!!!
And yes, we did apologize and call a truce, but not before Ian and Jacob agreed that we got them back equally, and caused them just as much fright as they did to us. ( Nathan said he thought it was suspicious all along so we didn't get him back that day..... We came up with another plan that worked to get him back, but that will have to be on another blog post.)
Believe me, their were three VERY happy girls that went home that night!!!!! We were extremely pleased with ourselves that we could pull something on them like that!!!!!
( We went back the next day to take these pictures....)



maryellenhuff said...

Sounds like you got them GOOD! Good one girls!!!

DeLadurantey Family said...

You girls are so sneaky!
Sounded like fun though!
Hannah DeLadurantey