Saturday, November 17, 2007

Revenge on Nathan..... (for his lack of worrying when we disappeared!)

As I mentioned in the title, Nathan Gill was not in the least bothered by our "disappearance" because he was sure it was just a joke. ( In regards to the previous posts...) So as things stood, we got the other two boys back, but not Nathan, and that was really bothering us! (After all, what goes around should come around!) So ....... We decided to meet for lunch the next day and at the end of the meal, we would have the waitresses come and sing happy birthday to him even though it wasn't his birthday. ( As if being sung to isn't embarrassing enough - much less it not even being your birthday!) It was really quite funny - we ate at this small cute cafe that only had one waitress that could come and sing to Nathan. That being the case, the waitress asked a group of people who just walked in the door if they would help sing. Then the people at the restaurant wrote happy birthday on the back of the bill! Needless to say, it worked, and once again, we came out on top!


Anonymous said...

HAHA poor Nathan