Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Special post for Dan Canfield.....

Hello Dan!

It was such a delight and surprise to hear from you! Would love to contact you via e-mail and see some pictures! (Our e-mail address is: djcanfield@afo.net) It's amazing that we shared the same name, love of music and Christ, and never knew each other existed! And to think you have 3 daughters, too! This is a small, small world!

God bless,
the other Canfields


Cyndi said...

I too was wanting to respond to your blogger about the Canfield name, but was a little apprehensive. My name is Cyndi Canfield and my father was raised in Bradford County PA. The photos that you posted from your visit at Christmas looked very familiar. Was wondering if any of your family originated from this county in PA?