Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hostetter Christmas/Birthday Party

This weekend our family went down to PA for our uncle's 50th birthday party/reunion. It was held at a HUGE, 3-story hunting lodge on the very top of a mountian! You could overlook the surrounding valley and the mountians beyond. What a sight! You can see in the pictures how high and steep it was! It also made a great backdrop for pictures!

Photos: Elizabeth and Evangeline on a rock at the edge of the mountian.

A certian one of the twins don't seem to have a fear of heights - and look what it got her! The camera caught her just as she toppled off - or did she?

More pictures comming later......


Stinnett Family said...

You girls are too much!! I hope no one was hurt in your photo shoot! :)
Come see us someday soon!