Tuesday, January 03, 2006

December 25th

This year our Grandparents came up from Pennsylvania and spent Christmas with us......... We all had splendid time together and ejoyed it very much! We continued the tradition of we girls camping out under the dinning room table Christmas Eve, and on Christmas, having a good ol' fashioned wrestling match with our dad!

Photos: Christmas evening we went over the our friends house, (who also happen to be our neighbors) and spent the time singing around their dinning room table. It made for some wonderful memories!

Investigator Evangeline is seen hard
at work with the fingerprint powder
she got for Christmas. She collected
many prints that day!

For Sunday morning Church Elizabeth
played the offertory and Emily
posed as Mary, while "Mary Did You
Know?" was being sung.

Evangeline, Emily, and I in our
Christmas sweaters.