Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day........

Three generations: Grandma Hostetter, her two daughters Aunt Glenna and Mom, and us. Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Glenna came up for a visit this weekend. We had a great time and made many wonderful memories!

(On a side note, as one of the things we were going to do to make Mothers Day special for our mom, we decided to make the Sunday meal. So thoughtful of us, I know :).......Well, Evangeline got up early this morning to prepare the ham and thought all was well until later, in the middle of church when she realized she had forgotten to put the ham in the oven. When we got home we scrounged around and found some other substitute for the ham, but......Well, they say it's the thought that counts!)



Dorcas said...

This is a beautiful picture of the three generations!! How are you grandparents doing? I haven't seen them for a few years since they didn't come to AYC last year. That seemed different with them not being there. And for Evangeline forgetting to put the ham in the oven for dinner, I know a little bit how she must've felt. One time when we were pastoring in PA we had missionaries at our house and I put the meat in the oven, but forget to set it to come on automatically! I was so embarrassed!! We just had a little bit of a later dinner:o) I'm sure everything turned okay for you all. At least it was family and not other guests!!

Dorcas said...

You need to put your new family picture on your blog for us to see. It'd be nice because it would be larger :o)) I'll be watching for it!!