Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dental Deception

We've got the funniest thing tell you about! It happened Thursday morning when I had a dentist appointment. It went as follows..... I was complaining about how early my appointment was when Em suggested playing a joke on the dentist assistant. You know those funny, rotten teeth that people use sometimes for Halloween costumes? Well, I decided it would be really funny if the dentist assistant went to clean my teeth and I had those fake rotten ones on instead! So I stuck them in my pocket before we left home. When they called my name I went in very sweetly and just sat there on the chair like a very good little patient should. Then I got my chance - when the assistant went out of the room for something a slipped the teeth in my mouth. Everything was in place now. (Teeth and all!) You should have seen the horrified look in her face when she went to clean my teeth and saw the fake ones instead! It only took her a minute though to realized it was fake, and then she thought it was really funny. She called in another nurse and asked her to look at my teeth 'cause she couldn't figure out what was wrong. The new nurse took a look and the same thing happened.... So now I had two nurses laughing. Those two assistants then called in a third so I could play the same joke on her. Needless to say it worked on her too, and they all thought it was very funny! Then they decided we needed to get the dentist in on it too. When the dentist came around to check my teeth the assistant said their was something very wrong with them, and that the dentist would have to decide what should be done about it. She said she'd take a look and........oh, did she ever look horrified! When she realized it wasn't for real, she was much relieved! The assistant said in all her 25 years of dentistry she has never had anyone play a joke on them like that before! Needless to say I was very pleased with how it turned out! :)


The DeLadurantey Sisters said...

Very funny!

Hannah Del

Mary Ellen said...

That is hilarous - I'm sure you made their day! That was a great idea, nobody better to play that joke on then someone who works on teeth all day. I bet they'll be talking about you for a long time.

I'm glad your teeth don't really look like that - yikes!

Dorcas said...

Did I ever laugh when reading this post! You girls are always up to something:o))

Anonymous said...

This is SOOO funny!!!
We all laughed really hard!

-Hannah Joy

Allana Martian said...

That is very funny! My husband, Rob, (one of your dad's old students) put in a pair of teeth just like that one night when I was having a Pampered Chef party. The lady came in early to set up and I introduced her to Rob who smiled politely. The look on her face was priceless! She pulled it together quickly and was very polite to him. We let it go for a minute longer before we told her the truth. We all had a great laugh! Great idea to pull the joke on a dentist!