Saturday, July 07, 2007

4th of July at the Humphreys

Dr. Humphrey took us to the basement where he does his painting. You can see the painting he did of Evangeline playing our piano. Dr. Humphrey's great- great aunt was Grandma Moses!

We spent the first part of our 4th of July working at Richland Campmeeting. Then we went to our family Doctor's house for supper and had a great time.
We children ate in the kitchen.
Grandma Hostetter has been with us for 2 weeks and she went with us too. Here she is trying to explain to Dr. Humphrey that she is not a Mennonite.
Elizabeth has been giving Adam piano lessons since last September.

Mrs. Humphrey working in the kitchen.


maryellenhuff said...

I've been to Richland camp several times but it's been a long time! Enjoyed seeing your pictures.