Friday, March 30, 2007

The Night Time Intruder

For about a week we have had some clues that some creature has been in our kitchen. Things were being moved and food in the basement eaten. We tried to catch the thief, but it always got away. So, two nights ago, I installed a type of surveillance video camera that could capture some of its actions. Sure enough, after 2:30 A.M., it crawled under the basement door. It tried to take some of the hard shelled nuts that we had set on the floor for it. It tried to slide it under the door, but the nut was too thick, so he took and hid it. We didn't know were he had hidden it, so we checked all over the kitchen. We found the nut behind the bread machine. Before Daddy went to bed the next night, he put a sticky trap in the sink. When I was just about ready for bed, I heard this crash, bang, clang, bong, bop, thump, bump, whomp and thwack. At first, I didn't know what it was. Then it dawned on was the INTRUDER!!!!!!!! As fast as I could go, I dashed down the stairs. I was the first one of us girls who was brave enough to look. I crept up very cautiously. I was about 1ft. away from the sink when I saw it, or rather its ears. Of course, it set us off screaming. By that time our parents had come downstairs. The twins and I climbed up on our kitchen bench. Daddy said it would come flying out of the sink if it got lose - that made us scream even more! None of us wanted to get near the creature or the trap!! While watching and screaming, we saw it get one of its feet lose. There was only one foot left stuck to the trap. Mommy went to get a box to put it in. With the aid of the box and piece of cardbord to slide under it, she got it out. Daddy double bagged it and put it outside in the garbage can. Today, Mommy checked the garbage can and found that it had chewed a hole through the box and bags. Fortunantly, it couldn't get out of the garbage can.

This is the picture of the intruder-


Mary Ellen said...

I am SO not surprised it was your Mom and not your Dad that got the mouse out of the sink. "-) I'll have to tell you girls a hilarious story someday about your Dad boiling a frog when I was in 7th grade...a live frog...

Rochenda said...

I am also NOT surprised it was your mom that got the mouse out of the sink...You should have seen your dad when he was MY 7th grade teacher and a mouse got into our classroom!!! That was sooooo funny!

I have no room to talk, though, I am terrified of mice...I scream out of control!!!

Anonymous said...


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