Sunday, February 11, 2007



Tim and Connie's blog said...

Very nice pic

Mary Ellen said...

Hi girls! I've known your Dad since I was a young girl then eventually he was my 7th grade teacher. I also had the privilege of going on a short term missionary trip to China with your Mom. Does she still give those amazing foot rubs? I LOVED those!

I found your blog today and really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading a lot of your blogs.

I've been seeing and reading about that snow storm you got, those pictures are amazing. Tell your parents Mary Ellen said hello. I'll keep checking your blog now that I know about it.

Karen said...

Hey, I like all your pictures. Looks like you've got alot of snow! Thank you very much for the valentine:-). I love it. C-ya later.

The McCoy's said...

Hello Girls,
How are you doing? You've done grown up!! Where does time go? I remember when you were quite a bit younger and would say that you wanted to marry Brett & Brandon when you grew up! ha!! Times sure have changed, right? Some of the things you used to say ~ your parents and us would laugh so hard! You have turned out to beautiful young ladies and we wish you all the best for your life! Your picture is really good!! Have your parents bring you to Ohio sometime. We'd love to see your family!!
Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

We love the picture very much!!
Miss you girls SOOO much!!! we hope that we can see you all soon
in person![Now that would be LOTS of fun!!]
Bubby, Hannah, Christopher, Kaitlyn, Heidi, Sarah, Caleb, Matthew, uncle Jonathan and aunt Karen