Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fulton Made National News

We have been hearing from people all over the country that have heard on national news about the 7 feet of snow we have gotten this week. All this is lake effect snow off Lake Ontario. These pictures were taken before the latest 3 feet dump.


Mrs. McCoy said...

I love your pictures!! We've been hearing on the news about all the snow there. Wish I was there for that!! I love the snow, but am getting very weary of the freezing temperatures we've been having here!! Enjoy the snow!!

Tim and Connie's blog said...

Beautiful white pictures...cant imagine "whiter than snow"

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there. Danielle would not want to leave with all the snow you have. Have you made any snow buildings lately?

Anonymous said...

Oh-my-goodness! SO MUCH SNOW!!
looks like a lot of fun! I miss the snow very much and wish we had it down here in Forida!! I'll have to come visit you all in the winter time so then I can see it once again!! That would be FUN!!!
Miss and love you all very much!