Sunday, December 17, 2006


I'm stuck....plain old stuck. Not because of any physical restraints, but because of a few little words. Yeah, those words that every kid hates to hear on Sunday afternoon. I'm stuck here on my bed because our parents said we have to take a nap. Why? Don't ask. ... Well, actually -though I'm sure this has little to do with it - we kids were having a discussion at the lunch table today. In truth though, it was a little more than a discussion, but we won't go there. It started like this............... Evangeline and I were practicing a piano duet during which she was telling me that I wasn't doing it right, and that I needed to slow down. Now don't go thinking I'm not a cooperative person or anything, but enough is enough. A person can only handle the same criticism over and over again before becoming a little less sweet! The long and short of it was, she didn't like the way I was playing it, and I didn't like the way she was being so bossy! We were soon called for lunch, during which I found the perfect opportunity to get revenge...... Evangeline asked if I would get up and get her a roll. So I did, and on the way back I made sure to "ritardondo" (slow down my walking) like she was so incessently been telling me to do a few moments before. Only this time, I REALLY over did it, till I was slowly yet stelthfully creeping across the floor. She must have seen the intensity in which I was watching her for just as I was about to sit down she hollered. This scared/suprised me so badly that I threw the roll which landed on the bench and bounced onto the floor. She was then without a roll..... (Why do those words sound so sweet?) :) Thus the following conversation ensued...
"You dropped my roll!"
''Well, if you hadn't scared me!"
" It was your fault! You were walking too slow"
"I was just doing what you have been telling me to do!"
"If you would've just played it right...."
"Well, if you hadn't been conplaining so......."



Stinnett Family said...

I don't believe this- the sweet Canfield twins?! This sounds more like when we try playing duets!! :)