Friday, December 22, 2006

Piano Performance at the Corinthian Club

Linda Popoff (she was the one who invited us to play there), with Elizabeth, Emily and Evangeline.

Evangeline and I received an invitation to play for a lucheon at a private womans club in Syracuse, with took place this past Wednesday. It was held at a breathtakingly gorgeous mansion that dated back to the 19th century. The rooms were all decorated for Christmas, which added to the mansion's grandness! The pictures don't even do it justice! (Or course my favorite room was the one in which the piano was located....... Imagine getting to practice 3hrs. a day there!)


Mrs. McCoy said...

WOW!! You girls are really doing awesome!! This is sooooooo neat how you are getting invited to these fancy places to perform and show your talents. You should make a CD!! Are you going on the road and doing a worldwide tour anytime soon? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Blessed New Year! Tell your family hello for us!!