Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve in Meadville PA

Thursday evening we met with Dad's friends, Dan and Janis Seely for supper in PA. Prior to our trip Mrs. Seely had asked us to come over to her church, which was not far from the restaurant and play the piano for her. We agreed, not realizing that we would be performing a mini-recital for many more people than just Janice. She jokingly said she had invited 25 people to come, completely in jest. However, 'so-and -so' told 'so-and-so' who brought 'so-and-so'. We ended up having quite the little audience! We had a nice time, though!

Dan and Janice Seely with our mom and dad.

Us twins with two 'blog fans', Steve and Leslie Blackwelder who came to our mini concert. :)


Dorcas said...

How shocked were you girls when you got there and found out you had quite the audience? That's funny! Hope you are all doing well!

The Gurnee's said...

...and I was not invited????? :(

The Canfield Family said...

You will have to talk to Janice about that. We stayed next door to your parents (love their shutters) and they were busy getting ready to go to your house for Thanksgiving.....so you must have been very busy getting ready for them!

Janice Seely said...

Thanks again for the mini-concert. It was wonderful to finally get to hear you play in person. Come back ~ we'll invite the Gurnees and a bunch more people and fill the church up! :)
Love you all.