Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the dorm....

Dorm life was made twice as much fun when our cousin Hannah "moved in" ! ( She and Emily shared a room.)

We'd all pile in, squashed as it was, and talk talk talk!

One morning both Hannah and I had off, so we got one of our friends to bring us breakfast in bed. We didn't get up until 10 min. to ten. ( At ten o'clock we had to go to the morning service.) You can imagine we did some scrambling!

A cute visitor that came with me to my room one morning. ( Sarah Kline)


Karen said...

I cant believe they actually brought u breakfast in bed, i must be mean cause i said no right away! lol that was hiliarious tho when i hear u yelling my name and i rush to ur room to find u laying in bed giggling and telling me to feel ur forehead cause ur just so sick! :)