Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dinner guests......

Two weeks ago tonight our friend and piano teacher Dr. Robert Auler, and his girlfriend Tara Riley came over for supper. We had a very enjoyable time, and we especially liked hearing him play after the meal! ( Nothin' like having a concert pianist come and play for you in your very own livingroom!) I think the most memorable part of the evening was when Dr. Auler laid under the piano, crossed his hands, and without looking played part of a piece that was (I believe) by Bach! It was incredible!
(Check out the photos....)


Dorcas said...

What a privilege this must have been for you all!! I can't imagine what it would be like to have a concert pianist playing the piano in my home ~ what an honor. And when he laid under the piano to reach up and play a song! WOW! I would've had everything all mixed up! ha! That too must have been very impressive. I'd love to hear you girls play the piano. Keep up the good work!!