Saturday, April 28, 2007

From the Studio of Elizabeth and Evangeline Canfield: Student Recital

Last evening Evangeline and I had 7 of our students give a recital as part of a homeschool program. We didn't get a group photo this year, but I think you'll enjoy seeing the photos we did get. They did a great job, and made me very proud of them!

Father daughter duo - Sarah and Uncle John

Elizabeth and her student Alexis.

Teacher/student duo - Adam Hunphry and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, Adam and his little sister.

Elizabeth and Mr. Reece performed one of his compositions for oboe and piano.

Aaron Reece and Elizabeth received a standing ovation.

Evangeline played Majesty, and also got a standing ovation.

Emily playing the violin with Evangeline


maryellenhuff said...

I wish you had audio so we could hear the beautiful music! Enjoyed the pictures.